While looking for an alternative to the default WordPress WYSIWYG editor, I found that it’s possible to post entries directly from Word 2007. This works over XML-RPC protocol and provides a much nicer editing interface. We’ll play around and discover the capabilities as we need them.

I also played around a bit with BlogDesk… and inserted this of my eldest son checking out the fog on the Pacific Ocean somewhere between Monterey and Big Sur. This was a surrealistic scene overlooking a 40 or 50 foot sheer cliff.

BlogDesk is a bare bones editor with a somewhat clunky interface – especially if you tend to update posts.  Word, on the other hand, presents a familiar interface, but seems a little quirky – especially when inserting and positioning images.

Jun 282010

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, I’m a huge fan of open source software. I’m actually a big fan of open source anything….photographs and music, for example. Yes, there are open source licenses for creative works such as the Creative Commons Attribution license. You can read about the six Creative Commons licenses here.

Anyway, I was looking for some interesting photographs to use on this site, and came across some really cool seamless textures that were created by a guy named Patrick Hoesly.  They’re available for download on Flickr and can be used wherever you need a repeating image.  Here are a couple of interesting one’s…

You can find links to all of Patrick’s texture libraries on his web site