Sep 082010

Just finished a little project to integrate PayPal into a non-profit organization’s web site.

In Texas, mums are a huge tradition for high-schoolers to wear during Homecoming and by giving students an opportunity to donate, Mums for Missions aspires to teach, facilitate, and model joyful giving.

Check them out at

You don’t have to be in high school, or even planning to attend your own homecoming game, to donate.  This organization is run by great people who are working hard to make sure your donation goes to a good cause.


Delivering Happiness CoverTony Hseih, CEO of Zappos, gives us a glimpse into what has made Zappos so successful.  This is a light, easy, enjoyable read in which Tony takes us through his life journey from childhood, through college, his first company (Link Exchange), and then through the growth of Zappos from no revenue to over $1B in annual sales in just 10 years.  Key insights develop that collectively contribute the company’s success: don’t outsource critical functions (fulfillment), remove barriers wherever they are identified (free shipping, 12 month return policy, efficient delivery), WOW your customers, suppliers and partners, respect and empower people, take care of your staff…deliver happiness.

I don’t think it matters who your customers are, this is great advice.

Sep 032010

Linchpin CoverSeth Godin asks…”Are you indispensable?”  Well, personally, I don’t think anyone is truly indispensable.  Really.  I think most people can be replaced fairly easily.  And, I suppose Seth would agree that most people could be.  And, that is kind of his point.  You don’t want to be most people.  You can’t afford to be like most people…not these days.

Besides, we’re not like most people anyway, you and me.  We just need to figure out what we’re passionate about and get after it.  He talks a lot about being passionate, and making “art”, and giving “gifts”.  But, the key points are these…We all have unique talents.  We all have the ability within us to leverage those talents to do great things.  We just have to allow ourselves, even require ourselves, to stop holding back.

Do this “emotional labor” because you want to…invest yourself, as a gift…and allow yourself to become a linchpin.

By the way…this is probably the most stressful book I’ve ever read.  It’s like a coach-in-a-box, the way Godin literally yells at the reader from the pages.  It’s all positive prodding, of course.  He’s done a great job of identifying the reasons we’re not doing this or that and calls us out.


Syabas has released the PopBox for purchase through Amazon.  On the surface, this looks like serious competition for the Boxee Box, the joint project between Boxee and D-Link.  On the other hand, not having Netflix support out of the gate may be a problem.


Here’s a link to the PopBox site.


Okay…I’m a little late  getting this up, but I’ve been a little busy the past few days.

The Boxee team has posted a video on Vimeo showing off a D-Link Boxee Box from the first factory production run.  I’m not going to bore you here by repeating what you can hear in the video or read on D-Link’s site.  Suffice it to say, Roku is going to lose big of they don’t figure out how to run Boxee on their box.  If I can stream Netflix movies and access all the other content available through Boxee, it’s worth spending the extra $80 – $100 for the D-Link device.