Here are some interesting sites you may want to explore.

Technology News & Reviews

TechCrunch – Reviews of new Internet products and companies

VentureBeat – News about Tech, Money and Innovation

GigaOM – New Emerging Technology News and Trends

Mashable – Social media news and web tips

ReadWriteWeb – Analysis of each day’s Internet industry news

Engadget – daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and electronics

Scobleizer – Robert Scoble’s blog

Gizmado – the gadget guide

Lifehacker – tips and downloads for getting things done

Slash Gear – feeding your gadget and tech obsession

Wired Gadget Lab – hardware that rocks your world

Slash Dot – news for nerds, stuff that matters

Home Theater Equipment

ProjectorCentral – home theater projector and HDTV reviews

AV Science Forum – great source of home theater information

Video Calibration

ISF – Imaging Science Foundation

THX - it’s not just the sound that counts

Spectracal -  makers of CalMAN calibration software

ChromaPure - video calibration software

Here’s an excellent video from Revision3 on HDTV calibration…

3D Media

HDI-US – 3D laser projection system for home use (really!)

3D TV – 3D TV reviews and news

3D Television World – news and reviews

Cool Free Stuff

Boxee – internet TV…really cool

tversity – DLNA-compliant media server

hulu – your favorite shows and movies online – free online music

Excellent Free and/or Open Source Software

Malware Bytes – excellent free anti-spyware package

Ad-Aware – excellent free spyware removal package

AVG free – excellent free (for personal use) anti-virus

Avast! – another excellent free anti-virus solution

Open Office – free office suite that is MS Office compatible

Free, and excellent, alternatives to the Internet Explorer browser:

Firefox – a better browser

Google Chrome – a faster better browser

Safari – Apple’s excellent browser runs on both Mac and Windows

Opera – cross platform browser from Norway

Audacity – open source audio recording and editing software

Gimp – open source image editing software

Photoscape – free photo editing package

Best free video editing software – see this page