Intelligent Remote Control


Controlling all of those entertainment devices can be a pain….or it can be really easy.  Let us set you up with a Logitech Harmony remote.  At a list price of $99.99 the 650 is an affordable and flexible solution to the too-many-remotes problem.

Logitech Harmony 650

With a functional approach to control, you can switch from watching TV to watching a movie with the press of a single button.  It can replace up to 5 remote controls, and supports hundreds of thousands of devices using a continually updated database of brands, models, and codes.  Once properly programmed, the Harmony 650 will make sure all the settings are set just right.

Of course, we’d be happy to do the programming for you.

Need more capabilities?  We can supply the full range of Harmony remotes.  Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

What?  These Harmony remotes aren’t cool enough for you?  Check this out…